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Our Experts Will Respond Quickly To Restore Your Flood Damaged Cape Coral Home

5/15/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Our Experts Will Respond Quickly To Restore Your Flood Damaged Cape Coral Home We can restore your home to make the destruction seem “Like it never even happened.”

Get Prompt Flood Damage Restoration In Cape Coral

Heavy rain is a major cause of flooding. The storm-water infrastructure of a city can help prevent flood losses to homes during rainstorms, but it may lack adequate capacity if it rains hard enough for many hours. The excess water can end up in homes.

If your Cape Coral home has flood damage, you need to call a water damage cleanup and drying company right away to prevent extensive destruction of your property. A company like SERVPRO can assist you to remove the water and dry your home. We use the latest procedures, equipment, and products to provide a high level of cleaning and restoration for flood-damaged homes.

Letting water sit in your home can cause further destruction and expense. Materials soaking in flood waters collect microbes that can cause health problems. Flooring, walls, and furniture can crack, sag, or collect fungi because of exposure to moisture for an extended period. Flood waters can also carry contaminants like heavy metals, pesticides, and sewage into a building.

Here at SERVPRO, we provide fast and effective restoration services. We understand that flood damage is an emergency and we have restoration professionals on call 24/7. Our goal is to protect, preserve, and secure your home from further destruction. Our fast action can save you and your insurance company time and money. It also enables us to reduce the emotional toll of dealing with a flooded house and save most of your possessions.

We offer full-service restoration, which includes extracting the water using powerful portable or truck mounted pumps, drying the affected areas using air movers and dehumidifiers, cleaning and repairing or replacing damaged structural components. If there are tasks involving expertise or technical skills that our technicians do not possess, we work with subcontractors to complete them. We can check if your home is dry by using moisture meters to locate the wet areas and define exactly how wet they are when we compare them to usual moisture levels. If some areas are wet, we can continue the drying process.

If your residence has flood damage, SERVPRO of Cape Coral can provide you with the repair and restoration services you need. You can reach us at (239) 573-5911. We can restore your home to make the destruction seem “Like it never even happened.”

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Our Professionals Arrive Quickly In North Fort Myer's To Handle Flood Damage

3/15/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Our Professionals Arrive Quickly In North Fort Myer's To Handle Flood Damage We have the right tools to handle your flood damage. We are available 24/7 so don't hesitate and call us day or night so we handle your restoration.

What Areas of Your Flooded North Fort Myers Home Require Removal

Natural disasters can exact a heavy toll from North Fort Myers homeowners. Whenever situations like flooding occur, there are many areas of your property that ultimately require reconstruction to restore the property to preloss conditions fully. Simply drying these exposed materials is often insufficient because of the threat of bacteria and potential contaminants that could present health effects to the occupants of the home or perpetually promote damaging secondary effects like mold growth to occur.

Our professionals can arrive quickly to begin addressing the flood damage in your North Fort Myers home. We have effective tools and equipment designed to extract and begin drying efforts on your house with our initial visit, allowing us to get a better grasp of the spread and severity of the exposed materials and areas of your property that require both removal and replacement. Our SERVPRO professionals have controlled demolition techniques designed to remove only what is necessary to protect your family and your property from further damage.

Understanding the necessity for flood debris and exposed material removal might not fully prepare you for all of the areas of your home that could require replacement. Often flooring is one of the most heavily damaged materials throughout a flooded home as water can settle on wood flooring and carpeting, soaking through the subflooring and reaching the support beams and studs beneath. While our team can work to protect structural elements and supporting materials as much as possible, the flooring above it must get removed.

Our SERVPRO professionals must also often designate the flood damage areas for drywall. Flood cuts can prevent complete wall demolition, only removing the areas saturated by the potentially contaminated floodwater. We can cut out these damaged portions, allowing better access for drying efforts and making the reconstruction process to follow more efficient and cost-effective.

While other areas of your property might require removal and replacement when posed with the damaging presence of floodwater, these are two of the most common areas of your home that get affected by intruding water. Our SERVPRO of Cape Coral professionals can make flood damages “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call at (239) 573-5911.

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Some Shortcuts for Flood Damage Remediation Success in Cape Coral

2/28/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Some Shortcuts for Flood Damage Remediation Success in Cape Coral Our certified technicians will work around the clock to remediate your home and belongings after flooding. Call us right away for services.

Protecting Your Belongings from Unexpected Cape Coral Floods

With substantial water loss incidents, many Cape Coral homeowners work to get themselves and their families to safety through the often fierce weather accompanying the damages. With that in mind, many of the belongings and keepsakes you have in your home get left in a rush to vacate the premises and stand to become damaged by the rising waters of natural flooding. Our professionals can help to prevent irreparable damages to these items.

Effective mitigation strategies for flood damage to your Cape Coral home can work to reduce your loss in a widespread disaster like flooding in the area can become. Our SERVPRO professionals have efficient extraction and drying equipment that can work to reduce moisture and pooling water throughout your property quickly. Additionally, we have an entire contents department dedicated to protecting the belongings and keepsakes still at risk in your flooded home.

Our production vehicles can arrive with the full measure of our extraction and drying equipment to begin quickly reducing the present excess water and moisture throughout your home. With the threat of aspects like contamination, our SERVPRO team must get to work on debris removal and cleanup promptly to reduce the spread of bacteria and contaminants throughout the property. To do this, our contents department must begin removing exposed and at-risk items from the house to our nearby facility.

Once these items arrive at our warehouse, they can get focused attention to get fully restored. The process in our facility begins with effective drying efforts, but many of these items must also get cleaned, disinfected, and deodorized before they can go into the safe storage space we have. Once restoration work completes in your home, these removed items can get returned to their original positions.

Flooding can happen unexpectedly, especially with tropical storms and hurricanes a present threat to the area. Let our SERVPRO of Cape Coral rapid response team help you lessen the loss with our effective mitigation strategies. Give us a call anytime that disaster strikes at (239) 573-5911.

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Flood Damage Professionals You Can Count On In Cape Coral

2/7/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damage Professionals You Can Count On In Cape Coral Our Professionals have the right equipment to handle flood damage.

Fast Flood Restoration for Your Cape Coral Condo

Condos are a common staple of the Cape Coral landscape, and maintaining these properties requires the same level of commitment and determination that you would put into a full-sized home. Even if you are not living in your condominium the entire year, disasters can occur with little warning that can require an immediate response of trained professionals. If your winter property becomes affected by flooding, you need to react to the situation fast whether you are near the area or not. 

One of the first steps that you can take to protect your Cape Coral condo from flood damages is to monitor the effects that storms have on the area throughout the year when you are away from your property. Rogue severe weather systems can quickly allow flooding conditions to occur, and if your property is among the lower-lying condos in the area, rising waters could damage this property with little knowledge of the incident until you return for the fall and winter seasons. Our SERVPRO team is a wise choice to help restore your property after flood damages. 

Inspections of your property can occur without you needing to be there. Provided that you have a way to get your condo key to our SERVPRO professionals, either through a neighbor or through the mail, our dedicated and experienced technicians can walk the property and determine the full extent of the flood damage, if any. 

Our professionals can also work quickly to begin our effective mitigation tactics. This mitigation work includes collecting evidence and damage documentation to provide insurance providers when you file a damage claim. We keep an open line of communication with you throughout all of the work that your property needs, so that you remain informed about progress and when our restoration work completes. 

While it could be alarming for a flood to affect your condo while you are far away from this winter home, our SERVPRO of Cape Coral rapid response team can help to protect you from extensive loss while we quickly restore the damages “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (239) 573-5911.

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Don't Let Storm Damage To Your Cape Coral Home Get You Down Call Our Experts Now!

1/23/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Don't Let Storm Damage To Your Cape Coral Home Get You Down Call Our Experts Now! Give our professionals a call anytime!

Siding Removal In A Storm Can Flood Cape Coral Homes

Heavy storm systems passing through the Cape Coral area are common staples through the rainier seasons of the year. While these might seem commonplace, powerful systems can quickly damage homes and properties to the point of allowing substantial internal damage from water penetration and flooding. While you cannot always account for the stability and integrity of exterior construction for your home, being prepared with the right plan to restore the property is vital to protecting the things that matter most to you.

Siding is an essential component, and any missing piece of this exterior can allow for flood damages to occur in your Cape Coral home. Our SERVPRO professionals can help by responding quickly in a flooding situation, offering real-time solutions for mitigation and loss prevention. Even in areas like your crawlspace, flooding can pose substantial problems for the entire household.

From the moment our experienced team arrives at your property, we begin a thorough assessment of the damage to determine the points of penetration and work to seal off these entry points. Once we can prevent further water penetration and flow into the house, we can get to work on extracting the excess water from the affected areas. Even with our fast response times, flooding often requires removal of overly exposed materials like drywall, carpeting, and other flooring materials.

Drying out affected areas of the property relies heavily on advanced drying equipment like our high-powered air movers and LGR or desiccant dehumidifiers designed to pull moisture from this region of the house fast. Working to reduce moisture levels below acceptable parameters decreases the likelihood of secondary effects like mold growth, and helps to protect lightly affected structural elements like framing and studs.

Flooding can occur with little notice, so homeowners rarely get prepared for the damage that this disaster can do to their property. Our SERVPRO of Cape Coral rapid response team has the experience and equipment to extract and dry floodwaters quickly to begin returning your home to its original condition. Give our professionals a call anytime at (239) 573-5911.

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Broken Supply Lines and Tropical Storms Can Cause Flood Damage in Your Fort Myers Home

8/27/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Broken Supply Lines and Tropical Storms Can Cause Flood Damage in Your Fort Myers Home Fort Myers Homeowners, Unlike Gators, Do Not Like Flooding--So They Call SERVPRO for Water Removal

SERVPRO Has the Solutions for a Water Loss After a Flood

Indoor bathrooms have improved the quality of life for Fort Myers homes without question over the past century. While there are many positives to having these fixtures like toilets and sinks inside your house, there are also added risks with having them installed as well. While there is less likely a chance of these pipes freezing, like what might happen in northern homes, highly pressurized air in the service line bringing water into your home attacks the weakest connection it can find, which is often the self-installed implements like toilets and sink fixtures. Tropical storms are not the only reason a residence may take on flooding.

More to the point of what might happen should a supply line rupture at a connection, high volumes of water could spew out onto the floors, inside bathroom vanities, or back into the walls causing widespread flood damage throughout your Fort Myers residence. Ideally, you can shut off this supply of water to the break via a valve where your primary water line comes into your house. The trouble is, many homeowners do not precisely know where this is, and in some cases, it has been covered over with drywall during remodeling efforts. Flooding from rushing water from the exterior is not so readily stopped.

Our SERVPRO professionals know what to look for to shut the supply of water down so that the damage does not perpetually get worse. Part of the flood damage restoration process is working to lessen the impact of the disaster and mitigate the total water loss that your home experiences. With the source of the flooding being the bathroom in this scenario, our technicians begin our assessment here to determine how far reaching the damage is and what must occur to restore it. Water intrusion from the outside often is considered Black Water since it contains contaminants like pesticides, chemicals, mud, and other debris. Thermal imagery gets used to determine the presence of moisture behind materials like drywall to help isolate areas that need focused drying efforts later on.

Additionally, our focus is the extraction and the preservation of the materials that have gotten affected. It does not take long for materials like wood flooring to begin to warp and distort from oversaturation, so carefully drying out this material along with the subflooring after extraction is critical. We work to preserve all that we can in these situations, minimizing the overall tear out and replacement of materials where possible. Floodwaters that soak into carpets and soft materials are generally discarded to ensure that no health hazards can develop from microorganisms.

Flooding in your home can happen from some different sources, but the immediate response you need remains a constant. You can count on our SERVPRO of Cape Coral dedicated rapid response team to show up quickly and get to work on mitigating the damage. Give us a call anytime at (239) 573-5911.

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Removing Flood Damage From Your Pine Island Home

7/6/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Removing Flood Damage From Your Pine Island Home Pine Island Homes and Condos Count on SERVPRO for Rapid Water Removal after a Storm Hits

SERVPRO Extracts the Groundwater and then Dries Storm Damaged Properties to Reduce Losses

Residents of Pine Island are all too familiar with how rapidly things can change to disastrous conditions. With a single severe storm, water levels throughout the area can rise significantly over several hours of hard rains to pose a substantial threat of flooding to the homes here. In the worst of these conditions, the best a homeowner can hope for is to reduce the effects that this rising water has on their house, as preventing any damage entirely can be impossible.

Flood damages can present a host of problems for your Pine Island residence. While the average homeowner might consider this disaster to be something that you can bail out and dry up on your own, failure to fully restore your home following a flood can lead to worsening damages and instances like mold/microbial growth.

Our SERVPRO team knows that the clock is ticking from the moment that you make the call to when the restoration needs to complete to preserve as much of your home's structural integrity as possible. This process begins with a thorough inspection of the damage to your home while our professionals ready extraction equipment to begin removing the pooled water. It does not have to be a hurricane to cause a homeowner to move quickly to seek help with water extraction.

Removing the water is a critical part of our restoration process in these instances, and this typically gets achieved with portable sump pumps or larger vacuum systems. This can take several days. Drying the area is another step to follow the extraction, which helps to ensure continued damage to structural elements does not persist and that compounding conditions like mold growth do not occur as well.

Flood cuts often need to get made, which remove the bottom portion of drywall or paneling throughout an affected area. Not only is this material too damaged to continue using, but it helps our SERVPRO technicians to better access complicated and confined spaces for thorough drying.

This description is just a small piece of the entire restoration process but goes to show the kind of dedication that our SERVPRO of Cape Coral water damage technicians provide. We are available anytime that you need us by calling (239) 573-5911.

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Storm Damaged Siding Can Allow Flood Damage To Your Fort Myers Residence

4/13/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Storm Damaged Siding Can Allow Flood Damage To Your Fort Myers Residence Our SERVPRO crew acts quickly and efficiently to restore your flood damaged property.

Flood Damage Can Strike Your Fort Myers Home at Anytime 

Siding is a conventional construction material for Fort Myers homes. While this has a certain aesthetic appeal, it is also something that has a lousy history with high winds and damaging storm systems. With the likelihood of severe weather rolling in from the coast at any given time of the year, homes here are always at risk of experiencing gale force winds and torrential rainfall.

One of the most troubling things about the fragile nature of siding against the force and fury of significant storms is the possibility that it poses for flood damage to your Fort Myers residence. Once siding has been torn off of any part of your home, you have exposed points for the heavy rainfall to reach in and affect the interior of your home in a devastating way. An instance like this could quickly cause flooding in whatever area is directly adjacent to the missing exterior component of your house.

Fortunately, you are not alone when these situations come about and can always count on SERVPRO professionals to help you out when you need us. You might not always know the best course of action to take when the exterior of your home gets compromised, and flood damage begins to affect levels of your house, but our professionals do. Our specialists have gotten uniquely trained to help combat the damage from getting worse and work quickly to restore the damage that has already taken place.

This process begins with boarding up and sealing off the areas that have gotten exposed to the external elements. From here, extraction takes point as our team works to quickly pull the water from the affected areas using pump trucks from the SERVPRO fleet and wet vacs with extraction wands. Drying the area allows our professionals to determine the extent of structural concerns and what requires replacement to complete the restoration process.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Understanding what to do when faced with an emergency like this can help spare your home from even worse structural concerns and irreparable damage to the contents of the affected areas. Our SERVPRO of Cape Coral restoration specialists can work quickly to ensure that your home gets the right kind of attention and dedication it needs to get back to preloss conditions. Give us a call anytime at (239) 573-5911.

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What To Do When a Bad Storm Floods Your Cape Coral Home

3/20/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage What To Do When a Bad Storm Floods Your Cape Coral Home Flooding in Cape Coral? Contact SERVPRO for Rapid Water Removal and Cleanup

Call SERVPRO, of Course, for Swift Storm Damage Cleanup and Restoration

A severe storm can quickly cause your home to flood, and that water can cause untold damage to your property. One moment your home is okay and then, in the blink of an eye, the storm's high winds cause debris to break a window. Through the new entrance to your home, rainwater floods into your house, and within minutes it is pooling. By the time the storm has passed, your home and your belongings inside of it are severely waterlogged. Fortunately, there are leaders in the cleanup and restoration field who can help nearby.
Trust our IICRC-certified technicians to get on the scene and know how to remediate the flood damage in your Cape Coral home, starting with removing the excess water. Unfortunately, the longer stagnant water sits in your home, the more of a danger it is to the structure and stability of it. With this fact in mind, the sooner you call for help, the better.
Here at SERVPRO, we understand how devastating flooding is, and we strive to get to your home as soon as possible after your call. After an inspection of the water quality and an estimation of the damage, our technicians can employ the use of industrial-grade wet/dry vacuums and truck-operated pumps. Using these tools can allow us to remove the bulk of the water from your property and begin to investigate the damage it has done in your home.
SERVPRO can temporarily patch your broken window to ensure that your home suffers no further exposure to the outside. Additionally, we help you contact a professional to replace it for you. We can sort through your belongings and help you create an inventory of what is salvageable and what is not. We have a CCIS form specifically for this purpose. From there, we can help you send a claim to your insurance company. Furthermore, we can implement advanced drying technology to evaporate the remaining moisture in your home and salvageable belongings.
If a storm strikes your home and causes intense flood damage, do not wait. Call SERVPRO of the Cape Coral area 24/7 at (239) 573-5911. We can arrive at your home as soon as possible and begin working to return your home to its preloss condition, "Like it never even happened."

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Water Removal Helps with Storm Recovery in Fort Myers

3/18/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Water Removal Helps with Storm Recovery in Fort Myers If a storm causes a hole in the exterior of your home, it is important to extract the water fast to reduce the damages done.

Call SERVPRO Immediately if the Exterior of Your Home is Damaged During a Storm

Homes in Fort Myers can sustain severe damage while protecting the families who live in them. Trees can rip holes in both your roof and the side of your home. When such large openings exist, rainwater can come in. Flooding on the ground does not need to occur for your home's interior to suffer.

Residents in Fort Myers whose homes sustain such damage need water removal services to start out the mitigation process correctly. Allowing homes to absorb water before beginning may seem less expensive, but in the long run, this costs homeowners significantly more money.

SERVPRO can help your family make it "Like it never even happened" by performing this crucial first step. We use different sized equipment to match the amount of water saturating your home. Large pumps mounted on our Green Fleet's trucks quickly remove standing water while our technicians operate our smaller-sized equipment to pull water out of damp carpeting and rugs.

Once floors reach a point of less saturation, we can apply different techniques to complete the drying out process of your home. We use different pieces of equipment in different areas. We address issues involving still-damp floors of all types, drywall sections that still contain moisture, including behind their interiors, and the air inside your home's elevated humidity content.

Flooring that consists of wood pieces or boards can hold moisture in the grooves between individual sections and underneath them. Drying mats help heat these floors while extraction mechanisms pull out evaporated water and deposit it into a special chamber. We can often save carpeting and its padding when the invasive water comes from a clean source, although when floodwaters invade after traveling over the ground, doing so becomes near impossible. Acting quickly to dry out your affected carpet after a hole appears in your home's exterior can often suffice in saving you the expense of replacing your floor coverings.

When walls contain moisture, we again apply heat, but instead of direct extraction methods, we use increased air currents via large and powerful air movers. Occasionally, we need to remove the baseboards to allow for the air to move into the space behind the wall's exterior. Our moisture meters tell us how much saturation a wall contains.

After an event that introduces water into your home's interior, the absorbent materials become affected first, but later, as moisture attempts to reach equilibrium, the air also takes on substantial amounts of moisture. Humid air can make breathing uncomfortable and place a massive strain on your central air system. We use our desiccant machines to take care of this problem for you.

SERVPRO of Cape Coral's technicians can help make your home dry again through water removal and extraction methods approved by the IICRC. Waiting to call after any event that brings water into your home can only permit the accident to become worse. Call us, 24/7 at our local service number, (239) 573-5911 to begin the restoration process your home needs.

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Flood Damage and Cleanup in Your Cape Coral Home

2/28/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damage and Cleanup in Your Cape Coral Home The sight of flood waters entering your home can be completely overwhelming. Call SERVPRO right after you get to safety for drying out services.

SERVPRO Technicians Arrive Quickly to Dry Out Your Flooded Property

To some degree, flooding can affect any area. Wherever rain falls in Cape Coral, flooding is a disaster that can happen. As rain falls, it soaks into the earth, and if the surface is impervious like concrete or asphalt, or the soil is saturated already, and the water cannot absorb quickly enough, problems can arise. Water running into channels and streams downhill starts to pile up and eventually runs over the sides.
When the area you live in floods, and the waters invade your home, it can be stressful and devastating. Flood damage in Cape Coral can quickly overtake your whole home. Our team at SERVPRO is always standing by to help you out in a situation like this. We can extract the water from your home, dry it back out, and salvage everything possible so you can get your life back on track.
Once we extract the standing water from your home with truck-mounted pumps and finish drying your home, we also need to deodorize it. There are some procedures which may be done after a flooding situation. When it comes to carpeting, we treat both sides of the carpet and floor with the right EPA-registered disinfectant. We also fog with the appropriate odor control before or after cleaning, depending on the circumstances.
For any of your upholstered furniture, we mist on a deodorizer after we clean it and treat it for mildew. With any hard surface flooring, SERVPRO techs deodorize it by mopping it with an appropriate EPA disinfectant, or by fogging it with the right odor control. We use a ULV fogger for large surface areas which are severely damaged.
Ceilings and walls are usually deodorized in the same manner as your flooring and carpeting. We use a ULV fogger here as well or use a pump sprayer for application. When there are areas of significant odor, we use pellets to mask odors during the process of drying.
SERVPRO of Cape Coral works hard to take care of your home in Pineland, Caloosahatchee, or Burnt Store after a flooding disaster. Just give us a call anytime you need at (239) 573-5911 so we can begin right away to get your home back to normal.

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Seemingly Secure Outside, Many Cape Coral Condos Suffer Secondary Water Damage Inside After Hurricane Irma

10/13/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Seemingly Secure Outside, Many Cape Coral Condos Suffer Secondary Water Damage Inside After Hurricane Irma SERVPRO Restored Condos in Cape Coral After Hurricane Irman Passed

Hurricane Irma Dumps Water in Cape Coral Area

As you return to Florida after enjoying the Northern summer and fall weather, your first view of your Cape Coral winter home might lead you to think everything inside it fares well. When you open the door and take in that first whiff of dank, dense air, you realize the damage left behind by Hurricane Irma reeks of mold.

Because Cape Coral heavy rains and flooding come with hurricanes, homes often become at least slightly wet, even when boarded up and closed off. It is easier for moisture to enter a home than it is for that same moisture to exit later. Kept inside, the humidity combines with the warmth and darkness to form the perfect environment for microbes like mold to rapidly proliferate in every nook and cranny.

The technicians at SERVPRO have received the necessary training in mold remediation so they can swiftly restore your home. Understanding that coming home to a damaged residence and all of the implications it adds to your life can place winter residents under a tremendous amount of stress. Until we complete your home's restoration, the expense and trouble of finding other arrangements can significantly add to the problem. We work hard to minimize this chaotic time.  

By removing materials from the areas of your home that sustained water damage, we can prevent future mold and mildew growth. Bagging these materials before we carry them outside prevents the spread of any microorganisms via the air. As new materials arrive at your property, we cover these in plastic or provide other protective coverings until needed for restorative work.

Cleaning from top to bottom of walls and ceilings, as well as any flooring that survived the harsh saltwater brought in by Irma, helps to provide a safe environment for you and others. Furniture and other belongings require specialized care, and our technicians hold certificates from the IICRC in upholstery care, also. We do more than water damage restoration and microbial remediation. We make sure your home's restoration lasts, making it "Like it never even happened" again.

If you have returned to your winter home only to find that Irma has created damage, call us. We are SERVPRO of Cape Coral, and you can contact us by calling (239) 573-5911 for our 24-hour service.

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Cape Coral Residents Receive Quality Flood Damage Assistance

9/8/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Cape Coral Residents Receive Quality Flood Damage Assistance SERVPRO has the expertise and equipment to restore your home after it is hit with storm damage.

Full-Service Flood Damage Restoration

We are smack dab in the middle of storm season, making it especially important for homeowners to seek qualified help reinforcing their Cape Coral homes. Storm damage can lead to flooding that causes severe damage to your home. Powerful winds can cause roof damage while downed trees can even cause structural damage. 

There is a strong possibility of having to endure a variety of safety, and health hazards after flood damages occur in your Cape Coral home, so, it helps to have a plan in place that gives you the ability to take steps immediately after the storm subsides. Finding a qualified restoration company in your area can have a major effect on your recovery after disaster strikes.

SERVPRO technicians help reduce many physical hazards that may exist such as, collapsed roofing, broken windows, exposed walls, and standing water. We also keep a trained eye out for any electrical and fire hazards that can make your situation even worse. Our restoration team provides you with quality flood damage cleanup and restoration services, making the entire experience as stress-free as possible. 

All of our technicians are IICRC-industry certified and have access to the latest equipment, giving us an opportunity to provide you with the quality restoration services needed to address soaked furniture, carpeting, and other building materials that often lead to mold growth after a flood. SERVPRO technicians understand how devastating storm-related disasters can be and work hard to get your home, and your life, back to normal as soon as possible.

Your SERVPRO team helps communicate damages to your insurance company and keeps a direct line open with you throughout your restoration process. We take the time to address any concerns you may have and explain every service we plan to deliver in detail. Our technicians focus on the health and safety of everyone involved and provide you with fast, efficient services that help you regain control over the situation.

Call SERVPRO of Cape Coral for full-service solutions in Cape Coral and act quickly to minimize the impact of flooding on your property, today. We are available 24/7, call anytime. (239) 573-5911

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Pine Island Flood Damage Needs Professional Help

4/18/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Pine Island Flood Damage Needs Professional Help Pine Island Flooding Fears SERVPRO Service

Trust the SERVPRO Method for Restoration of Post Storm Damage

Flooding is almost as common as the sunshine here in Florida. Storm season drops water quickly and overwhelms drainage systems on a regular basis.

Cleaning up flood damage in Pine Island can be an extensive process, but certain tasks need accomplishing immediately. SERVPRO has developed these emergency tasks to deal with uncontaminated water flooding, and our 24-hour response team has years of experience in restoring your home after a disaster.

Once we have determined your home is safe to work in, we move all furniture, appliances and other property that might be in the way of the restoration process or could suffer secondary damage from our actions. Team members also remove all materials that might transfer stains, such as area rugs, curtains, books and other paper items.

Now, we remove the water. Our franchise has an extensive inventory of portable and truck mounted pumps that remove standing water from even the largest home typically in less than a day but are safe to use with any carpet. For tile, wood floors and other hard surfaces, technicians use a squeegee attachment to help draw out the water. We also can place large mats connected to the suctioning device to add surface area and draw moisture from between the seams of hardwood planks.

Next, we remove furniture stains. It is easier to draw out veneer, rust, and other stains while the carpet is still wet. It is possible to remove them without a cleaning agent if we begin quickly enough. If the carpet pad has been underwater for too long, it is necessary to discard it. The response team rolls back the carpet, being very careful not to fold it or step on it. A water extractor is used on the pad to make it easier to cut up and remove. Team members place it into plastic bags to avoid dripping throughout the house and then dispose of it in the dumpster we have brought on-site for damaged building material and other property. If, the water is deemed uncontaminated, we can then attempt to salvage the carpet.

The next task is to extract water from the subfloor. Technicians use the same squeegee attachment they do on tile and linoleum. At the same time, we carefully check every surface for pre-existing damage such as mold growth. If there is mold on the carpet, depending on what you and your insurance agent decide, we remove it immediately.

These steps are only a few of the emergency procedures we have developed to stop water damage and prevent further loss of property. SERVPRO of Cape Coral is here to get you through the process and back into your home. Call us today at (239) 573-5911 to begin.

Saving Your Home from Flood Damage on Pine Island

3/21/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Saving Your Home from Flood Damage on Pine Island Flooding from a bubble bath can lead to water damage. Contact SERVPRO quickly after an incident to remediate.

SERVPRO Technicians Survey the Entire Area When Handling a Flooding Event

Flooding can happen anytime when you live on an island. Often, there is some warning, but this is not always true. Flooding can occur from sources in your home, also, independent of outside influences.
Pine Island has many homes that are built at increased heights, complete with elevators, but not everyone is lucky enough to escape flood damage. Having an elevated home will not help if the flooding comes from a busted water line or a forgotten tub overflowing with a much-needed bubble bath.
SERVPRO restores flooded homes through replacement of damaged and unsalvageable materials with the same or similar materials, and by also repairing and cleaning areas that are only damaged by dirt, grime, and other types of contamination.
Everything in your home must be cleaned, dried, and decontaminated after a flood. Completing all of this takes time and teamwork. We have the experience and training needed to thoroughly restore your home back to its previous condition, so it is “Like it never even happened.”
Carpeting, simply because of its location in your home, is not only one of the least recoverable items, but it is also the most common cause of clean water becoming contaminated. Even the cleanest-looking carpets, pre-flood, are often harboring dirt, chemicals from the outdoors, and sometimes even parasites, which is particularly the case if there are household pets.
Furniture that is upholstered must be aired out until dry and then cleaned. Deodorization is also often required when restoring certain items. Wooden furniture needs to be completely dry again before being put back to use, and this needs to happen as quickly as possible.
Air movers are used to dry out not only furniture but also walls, floors, and moisture-laden ceilings. Even untouched by floodwater, the uppermost areas of your home will absorb a significant amount of water. Moisture travels because it is easier to maintain an equilibrium than it is for a zone to remain dry and another to stay saturated. Dehumidifiers combat this problem. They remove moisture that has been lifted from materials in your home into the air before it can settle on something else again.
When humidity levels are restored to normal again, we can then replace materials that have been removed, rebuilding areas of your home so you and your family can return home. Even in the case of small areas of flooding, substantial damage can take place.
SERVPRO of Cape Coral is here for you, no matter how significant or small the flood damage is. Call us at (239) 573-5911, so we can make your home safe again for your family.

Services Available To Protect Your Pine Island Home From Flood Damage

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Storm Damage Services Available To Protect Your Pine Island Home From Flood Damage Flooding from Storm Surges in Pine Island Can Be Dangerous

Damage from Flooding in Pine Islands, Call on SERVPRO for Restoration

A tropical storm passes through the area causing extensive damages to your property, including flooding to various areas of your home. Once you are allowed back in, you need to contact someone immediately to help you get things back under control. Never face these kinds of clean up issues on your own.

When a storm surge or floodwaters cause flood damage in your Pine Island home, use the experienced restoration teams at your disposal to correct the situation as soon as possible. You already experienced the tough part and got your family to safety successfully, now give us the opportunity to help.
SERVPRO has an expertly trained team ready to provide professional assistance to help you recover from structural damage caused by water forcing its way into your home. Not to mention water itself could easily contaminate the entire area with many potentially harmful bacteria. Sea water is no exception.
If you are determined to return to your property before we arrive, think about safety first. There are many issues beyond contamination that you should consider before going anywhere near your property. Was the storm strong enough to down electrical wires and flood devices that could pose possible electrical dangers? Do other hazards exist that may cause you or your family harm? Did you call your insurance agent?
Never avoid the obvious and make sure that you intend on only doing the things that you can do without damaging yourself or others. It takes an experienced restoration technician to detect visible and hidden troubles that develop and put together an effective plan to deal with them, leave the heavy work to SERVPRO.
Any delay in addressing your current situation is likely to result in more problems developing. At SERVPRO, we take pride in responding faster to any disaster, answering your call for assistance and pinpointing any problems that exist. We know how to remove any lingering water and properly dry your property with air moving equipment and dehumidifiers to speed up the process.
Our experience and commitment to providing you with excellent service mean that we work hard to restore your property and deploy a variety of advanced techniques that assist us with restoring items that others might consider lost.
When a natural disaster strikes your property, take action immediately and contact SERVPRO of Cape Coral to receive the services you need, day or night. (239) 573-5911

Why We Use Air Movers To Repair Flood Damage In Pine Island Homes

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Storm Damage Why We Use Air Movers To Repair Flood Damage In Pine Island Homes When it comes to flood damage restoration, every tool and piece of equipment have a purpose.

Air Movers And Flood Damage

When it comes to flood damage restoration, every tool and piece of equipment have a purpose. So, if we decide to combine two or even three drying machines, it is because we know that the affected area needs it. Often, dehumidifiers, fans, and air movers have to be left running overnight or for several days.

This is common in homes which have been hit by extensive flooding; whether the cause is domestic (a burst pipe) or environmental (heavy rains). It is important that occupants do not move the drying machines because this can disrupt the rate of evaporation. To repair flood damage in Pine Island, SERVPRO must create optimal atmospheric conditions. Air movers are an essential part of this process, so we are going to tell you more about how they operate and what they can achieve.

The Purpose Of The Air Mover
The air mover directs clean, dry air across wet surfaces in rooms which have been damaged by flooding. As water dissipates into the dry air, it picks up this excess moisture. The wet air can then be directed to a dehumidifier where the water particles are extracted and the air rendered clean and dry again. This process is repeated until the targeted materials are dry.

Matching The Tool To The Task
There are various types of air movers, and SERVPRO may use more than one during the drying process. Two of the most important are centrifugal and axial. Generally, axial movers are preferred by flood damage technicians, because they are more effective at drying structural materials. In fact, they are used for around 70% of all domestic applications.

Drying Drywall And Plaster
Often, one of the most challenging materials to restore is drywall, particularly in the portion closest to the floor. It almost always requires more than one air mover, with the general rule being one drying machine for every 10-15 feet. If there are any small closets or cupboards in the room, a separate machine will be used to ensure that it is dry.

Dealing With Aerosolization
One of the downsides to using air movers for drying is that they can aerosolize contaminants already present in the water damaged area. If your home is flooded by natural rains or storm water, for example, there’s a chance that the moisture contains microbes. Fortunately, adding air scrubbing devices to the mix is one way to filter and remove potentially toxic particles.

At SERVPRO of Cape Coral, we are committed to helping homeowners recover from flooding. We have access to state of the art drying tools, and we can reverse the damage caused by cracked pipes, blocked plumbing, storms, and much more. Call us 24/7 at (239) 573-5911.

Where Dangerous Floods Come From

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Storm Damage Where Dangerous Floods Come From Separate from tropical storms and hurricanes, heavy storms and rainfall periodically hit Florida.

Where Do Dangerous Floods Come From?

Flood damage can come from a variety of sources, and these can vary heavily between regions, elevations, zoning densities, building materials and age, and many other factors. In Florida, some of the most dangerous and risky causes of flooding damages are relatively common, creating potentially deadly black water floods in homes across the state. Here are some of the most common, and some of the most dangerous, types of flooding that can happen in Florida.

Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

Florida, being surrounded on three sides by water and near warm water currents, experiences some of the largest hurricanes in the world. Hurricanes and tropical storms cause much of the worst flood damage in North Fort Myers and surrounding areas, and whenever one rolls through, SERVPRO is on its highest alert for damage calls. Hurricanes deliver a deadly combination of extreme levels of rainfall and high wind conditions, often creating unstoppable torrents of water even in local neighborhoods.

Sewage Backup

Like many other neighborhoods across America, many of the most challenging and dangerous cases of flood damage result from sewage and septic tank backups and overflow. Water in these cases is often highly contaminated and requires extremely thorough sanitization during cleanup procedures.

Heavy Rain Storms

Separate from tropical storms and hurricanes, heavy storms and rainfall periodically hit Florida. In some cases, many inches of rain can fall in an hour or less, quickly overflowing from collection receptacles and drains and pooling into the beginnings of a flood. These floods are especially dangerous because they can not be easily predicted or dealt with in many cases.


Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Cape Coral is a reliable, trustworthy locally-owned business that helps local residents and businesses to clean up and restore their properties following floods of all shapes and sizes. If your home has sustained flood damage, call us at (239) 573-5911 for emergency restoration services.

Expert Flood Damage Restoration Service

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Storm Damage Expert Flood Damage Restoration Service Got flood damage in Sanibel? Don't stress, SERVPRO of Cape Coral can clean up the mess!

Flood Damage Restoration Service Experts

Flood damage can affect your property in highly negative ways. The value of your property will certainly be lowered after being damaged by a flood, making it highly unlikely to sell in its present condition. Meanwhile, the quality of your life could suffer. If the property is commercial, you'll be losing money every day that your business is not in operation. If residential, you'll be spending money keeping your family housed in a motel. The sooner you address the damage and get it repaired, the better. 

How to Deal Proactively With Flood Damage 

The best way to deal with Sanibel flood damage is to hire a local cleanup and restoration crew to handle the emergency. It's important to hire a local cleanup service precisely because your emergency requires a rapid response. A locally based restoration service is far more likely to feel part of your community even in times of distress.

Effective Damage Control Begins With a Phone Call

Flood damage control is a process that begins when you contact the local professionals at SERVPRO of Cape Coral with the details of your emergency. The moment we hear of your issues, we will send out a service team to your location. Once there, we will make a full analysis of the damage to your property and then furnish you with a detailed and accurate estimate of the cost involved. You are under no obligation to continue with the service if you don't agree with our conclusions. 

You Can Count on a Full Program of Restoration 

We can immediately begin a project of cleanup and restoration that is designed to return your building to its original condition in the least possible amount of time. Once we have completed our initial assessment, we will begin to restore your property. We will quickly remove all remaining debris and conduct a full cleanup of your walls and surfaces to remove any nasty stains left behind by the flooding. From there, we will make a systematic check of the building itself to ensure that there is no structural instability that could cause problems in the future. 

The main object of our efforts will be to remove all remaining water from your property. To accomplish this, we will check every nook and corner of your building where water can hide. We will also check your HVAC and water filtration systems to make sure that mold is not growing or spreading throughout your property. We will then clean and sanitize the entire structure to make sure no disturbing odors are left behind to cause future problems

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Cape Coral is a locally owned and operated business that specializes in cleanup and restoration services for flood damage. We also serve customers in nearby areas, such as Pine Island, Fort Myers Beach, St. James City, Bonita Springs, Naples and others. Call us at (239) 573-5911.

The Benefits of Water/Flood Damage Cleanup in Sanibel

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Storm Damage The Benefits of Water/Flood Damage Cleanup in Sanibel SERVPRO Says Be Alert and Prepared for All Storms

Call SERVPRO for Help With Sanibel Water/Flood Damage

Water damage will just get worse the longer it is left standing, so fast removal is essential for the safety and structural integrity of your property. Sanibel water/flood damage cleanup should be done to make sure that your home is cleaned, sanitized and dried properly. Using the right equipment is an important part of the process. Testing devices can help in finding hidden water sources that could be ruining your subfloors, drywalls and more. Advanced drying techniques will aid in the cleanup process to make certain your property is returned to its previous condition.

Fast Assistance for Sanibel Water/Flood Damage Cleanup

Water and flood damage can occur without any warning. You may experience a leaky roof after a heavy rainstorm or large rainfalls that could lead to water seeping into your property underneath your doors and damaging your carpets and flooring. If a hurricane, tornado or another type of natural disaster affects your area, severe water damage could occur through a broken window or roof. Sometimes, toilets overflow, leading to serious issues with contaminated water. A flooded dishwasher, a burst water pipe or many other problems could also lead to flooding in your home.

Helpful tools that expedite the process of water removal and drying and restoration include a submersible pump (sump pump), truck mounted pumps and wet vacuums. Moisture detectors and hygrometers can also be used. They measure the amount of water and moisture in your property. Also, infrared cameras can help make sure that there are no hidden sources of water behind walls or in hard-to-see spaces. Powerful truck-mounted or portable extraction machines can get rid of most of the water in your residence. When the bulk of the standing water has been dealt with, industrial grade dryers and dehumidifiers should be turned on to make ensure that your property is thoroughly dried. Your carpet or carpet padding might need to be removed so that the subfloor underneath does not get damaged. Unfortunately, other materials around the house may need to be replaced if the damage is too severe, or if the standing water is quickly removed.

The sooner you contact a professional to get started on the water removal and recovery process, the more likely it is that your property and belongings can be restored. Contact SERVPRO of Cape Coral to help you get rid of water in your home quickly and efficiently. We are standing by to assist you with quality flood and water damage cleanup in Sanibel and the surrounding areas. When a major flood occurs due to an unexpected weather event, your plumbing or your appliances, give us a call at (239) 573-5911 to help.

How To Handle Tornado Storm Damage in Cape Coral

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Storm Damage How To Handle Tornado Storm Damage in Cape Coral If a Tornado Touches Down, Call SERVPRO for Help

Cape Coral Tornado Damaged Property Can Be Restored by SERVPRO

Cape Coral storm damage following from a hurricane or tornado can result in extensive water damage to a house or condo. Wind damage is usually the most adverse condition that homeowners will incur. Additionally, tornadoes can cause significant water damage to a residential property. In many cases, homeowners aren't sure how to start the cleanup process once a tornado has adversely impacted their living space. If this is your challenge, SERVPRO suggests the following tips to get your home back in order safely and efficiently.

Evaluate Your Safety. SAFETY FIRST.
Because water can begin to seep into the walls of your home, there is always a possibility that the water will damage the electrical system of your structure. Shock or an electrocution hazard is a potential. Additionally, any damage done to your roof from the high winds could allow for falling debris. Be aware of slip and fall hazards. If you have any hesitation about returning to investigate the damage to your property, don't. Call in professional help.

Remove Standing Water
A tornado can leave behind high volume of waters making it impossible or impractical for you to try to remove it yourself. Instead, you should contact a professional water removal company like SERVPRO for water extraction. These technicians possess extensive experience in storm damage remediation. We will use industrial grade water pumps, truck-mounted and portable, wet vacs, and sump pumps for the heavy lifting, and then, air movers and dehumidifiers for the final drying out process.

Contact Your Insurance Company
Standard homeowner insurance policies cover for a tornado, but not flood damage. Water intrusion, not by ground flooding, should be covered. Contact your agent to dispatch an insurance adjuster to survey and document the damage. SERVPRO is probably at, or near, the top of the preferred vendor list. We can immediately send out a professional to assess and inspect the tornado caused storm damage to your Cape Coral residence. We can write up an inventory list, called the Contents Claim Inventory Service--CCIS. This reports a room by room categorization of salvageable, non-salvageable, and questionable materials and possessions. We can work with you and your insurance agent to begin immediate storm damage restoration services. We will gladly help you with your insurance claim and minimize costs and repair times. You should not feel the need to wait for help in salvaging your home. By calling SERVPRO, and signing off on our "Service Authorization Form," and pay your deductible or deposit, we can get started. We are not an insurance company, but our goal is to preserve and protect your property from addition water or storm-related damages.

SERVPRO of Cape Coral will assign crews to do whatever is necessary to restore your storm damaged Cape Coral property. We can tarp and board up exposed structural areas, for safety and to safeguard against vandalism. Our IICRC-certified crew members will restore and repair, where possible, rather than replace building materials and personal property. We will work diligently to make "Like it never even happened."

We're Highly Trained Storm Damage Specialists

 As water and storm damage specialists, SERVPRO of Cape Coral has the experience and advanced training that enables us to restore your property quickly. We use scientific drying principles and provide validation and documentation that your property is dry and the job is complete. We're Faster to Any Size Disaster.  Tornadoes and storms don’t wait for regular business hours and neither do we. Call 24/7 for immediate help in Cape Coral, North Ft. Myers, or  Naples. (239) 573-5911

Harsh Weather Guide: How to Prep a Cape Coral Residence for Hurricanes

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Storm Damage Harsh Weather Guide: How to Prep a Cape Coral Residence for Hurricanes A hurricane's wind force can easily exceed 155 mph, with records surging as fast as 175 mph.

Harsh Weather Guide: How to Prep a Residence for Hurricanes

Hurricane season begins in June, and there have already been plenty of relevant phenomena appearing within the tropics since then. This guide is to help homeowners prepare for the Cape Coral storm damage of an impending hurricane.

Some Hurricane Hazards
A hurricane's wind force can easily exceed 155 mph, with records surging as fast as 175 mph. More than enough speed to generate tornadoes, microbursts, storm surges, torrential downpours that can lead to damaging floods and mudslides, and carry and hurl fallen debris.

Tips to Prepare for a Hurricane

    •        Prepare for the worst by setting aside three days of water, preserved food, and other necessities. If you're unsure of what a proper survival cache contains, FEMA's website offers a comprehensive list of necessities.
    •        Keep your electronics unplugged to stop surge-based damages. A surge protector is not enough of a defense against such problems.
    •        Check for potential leaks. Any opening in your home, including near pipelines and cable line, can serve as an entrance for floodwater to flow inside.
    •        Be prepared for prolonged power outages. You only need a generator capable of generating enough voltage to maintain a fridge and some essential appliances. You can also use the time shopping around for a suitable generator to assess how truly necessary some of your electronics appliances are to your daily life.
    •        Trim your greenery. Any branch or limb that is in contact with your home is a potential danger. Limbs that rub across your roof can weaken the structure enough to let storm water pour into it. Pruned trees also minimize the chance of damage or carried debris from high winds. You may even wish to regrade near trees to give their root systems more stability from invigorating the soil.
    •        Clean up your gutters and clutter. Clogged gutters can lead to damaged roofs and flooding. Any object strewed throughout the yard, be it a wheel jack, child's unicycle, heavy limbs, and the like; can become a lethal projectile with enough wind force behind it. Store away trash cans, potted plants, and any order lightweight objects to minimize the chances of damage to your house.
    •        Secure your home. Look into protective window shutters, stabilizing roof clips, and a brace for any garage doors. Make sure that any fuel tanks are properly secured and that all such retention and protection features are installed by trained professionals.
    •        Double-check your insurance. Go over your insurance policy and acquire extra flood insurance through the NFIP to cover all of your bases.

Plan for the Worst
Work with your family ahead of time, on where to head should a Cape Coral storm arrive. A sufficient storm plan covers an evacuation route, the addresses of official shelters, and a meeting point in the event of becoming separated. Make sure to note what medications, if any, should be taken along as well as any precautions to take if you happen to own pets. If you live in the following areas, know that you are at an elevated risk level for hurricanes:

    •        A mobile homes.
    •        Along the coast or upon an island.
    •        Close to a river way or flood plain.
    •        Within a high-rise.

Are you sufficiently prepared? SERVPRO can help with professional pre- and post-storm services. Contact us for help/restoration today.

Locally Owned Company with National Storm Resources

SERVPRO of Cape Coral is locally owned and operated—so we live and work here too, and are proud to be part of the Cape Coral community. We are also part of a national network of 1,650 with special Disaster Recover Teams that can respond with additional resources during catastrophic storms and major events.