Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold Grows in Many Places

After water damage in as little as 48-72 hours, mold growth can begin. Ensuring that water damage and moisture are taken care of completely and thoroughly is incredibly important so that the area is not primed for mold. Trust our professionals at SERVPRO of Cape Coral to handle the clean up of your water damage so you avoid mold. 

Mold Damage Remediation In Pine Island

SERVPRO of Cape Coral are the experts when it comes to mold remediation and restoration. We are leaders in the restoration industry and have years of mold damage experience. Our team of certified and trained professionals will use specialized mold remediation equipment to restore your property to pre-damage condition. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Moldy Crawl Space--Pine Island

High humidity and moisture often result in mold growth in the crawl spaces of homes in Pine Island. Mold spores and particles can affect the indoor air quality of the living quarters above the infestation. Count on SERVPRO to remediate mold problems safely.

Pine Island Mold Remediation Needed

Walk-in closets that lack adequate circulation often can develop mold patches as shown in this Pine Island condo. SERVPRO can seal the small area and demolish the drywall paneling for replacement. Spraying an antifungal agent is also part of a mold remediation service.

Safe Mold Remediation in Cape Coral

Shown, busy at a mold remediation job in Cape Coral is our SERVPRO tech Tyler. He is wearing the EPA, and OSHA prescribed PPE, personal protection equipment. The white Tyvek suit protects Tyler from the harsh antimicrobial products he is spraying on the now cleaned studs. The background garage ceiling illustrates plastic sheeting that establishes an isolation barrier preventing mold spores from circulating to unaffected areas of this home. Exterminating a mold infestation is only half the story, keeping our crew and your family safe throughout the service is the more important half. Trust SERVPRO of Cape Coral.

Mold Damage – Cape Coral Home

Mold damage at your Cape Coral residential or commercial property can begin with something as simple as a leaky window. Very often air quality sampling around leaky windows tests positive for the presence of mold.

Black Mold Damage – Cape Coral Home

Black mold damage developed at this Cape Coral home when this wall absorbed water damage from the adjoin bathroom. SERVPRO of Cape Coral technicians are schooled and equipped to clean up black mold such as this.

Mold Damage - Cape Coral Hallway

Mold Damaged at this Cape Coral home began with what appeared to be minor water damage. That moisture on the wall and a three-day weekend spawned the mold infestation shown in this picture. A small amount of moisture and darkness is all it takes for this to happen. The homeowners were very concerned when they returned home. They contacted SERVPRO of Cape Coral because they were familiar with our work. We dispatched a crew immediately. First we contained the infestation to prevent mold spores in the air from spreading through their home while we executed the mold removal. The damaged drywall was cut out, and the remaining building materials were dried and treated. We dehumidified the air in the infected area and tested the air in the remainder of the home. If you discover mold damage at your home or business, call SERVPRO of Cape Coral 24/7 at (239) 573-5911.