Recent Before & After Photos

Water Leak in Cape Coral

The second level of this Cape Coral home developed a drip from the bathtub drain that eventually, though slowly, destroyed the structural integrity of the cardb... READ MORE

Storm Damaged Floor--Pine Island

The driving tropical storm dumped a lot of water inside the open window of this condo in Pine Island. The water soaked the old carpet and padding and emitted a ... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Fort Myers Warehouse

Commercial water damage struck this Fort Myers manufacturing warehouse whe3n the sprinkler system malfunctioned depositing several inches of water on the wareho... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Cape Coral Office

Commercial water damage hit this Cape Coral office suite due to a broken water line. The before photo shows the pooling water in the office reflecting the ceili... READ MORE

Fort Myers Burning Frying Pan

When the oil burst into flames on a Fort Myers range, the result can be the greasy, sooty residue stuck on the ceiling and walls. Though the stains are not wide... READ MORE

Storm Damage in a Cape Coral Home

Groundwater from a storm can be dirty and contaminated with chemicals, pesticides, fecal matter, and many other hazardous elements. Cape Coral properties are no... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Cape Coral Kitchen

Mold damage developed in this Cape Coral kitchen from an unknown source. Mold is found everywhere in all indoor environments. When humidity or water intrusion a... READ MORE

Cape Coral Bank Flooding Closes Foot Traffic

Banks in Cape Coral, or any other west coast city in Florida, suffers along with their clients when business is closed due to flooding. If the water is from a b... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Pine Island Home

Mold damage was discovered at this Pine Island home. Mold spores can be found in the air and can enter your home through the doors, the air conditioning system,... READ MORE

Fire Damage Repair In Pine Island

After a fire, dealing with the damage is an enormous undertaking. This is why you need to contact the experts at SERVPRO of Cape Coral for assistance. Our techn... READ MORE