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Consider Using These Alternatives to Candles

7/27/2021 (Permalink)

Reed diffusers Reed diffusers don't require any heat or electricity, which is a plus.

Take A Look At These Candle Alternatives

Did you know that candles cause 2 percent of reported home fires? Before you light a candle in your Pine Island, FL home you may want to consider using one of these candle alternatives instead. Many of the substitutes leave you with a reduced chance of starting a fire. If a fire does take place in your house, be sure to call a residential fire cleanup team as soon as you can.

  • Candle Warmers: A candle warmer uses heat from an electronic or battery-operated base to melt the wax and release the intoxicating scent. This alternative allows you to use the candles you already own without the flame.
  • Air Fresheners: If you use these home fragrance products to make your house smell better, you can turn to air fresheners instead. Whether you plug one in or use a gel variety, you can get a great smell without any fire.
  • Battery-Operated Candles: Flameless candles offer the flicker you love without the potential danger. You can buy tealights that look like small candles or luminaires that also produce a scent.
  • Light Strings: You may think light strings are only suitable for the holidays, but you can use this enchanting string to add ambiance to your space. Candle alternatives in this category may even allow you to use a timer so the product doesn't overheat.
  • Diffusers: Essential oil and reed diffusers can be used to release scent into your home. These products help reduce the risk of candle fire because flames aren't used. Reed diffusers don't even require any type of heat or electricity source, which is an added bonus.

Whether you love the light or fragrance produced by candles, there are candle alternatives that are right for you. Homeowners everywhere can find a wide range of products that can either add ambiance, produce a flicker or improve the aroma, which makes the flame of a candle obsolete.

Ways to Landscape Effectively to Prevent Flooding

7/27/2021 (Permalink)

Garden flowers in rain. Summer flower background. Natural backgrounds Rain gardens allow water to collect and eventually return to the soil.

Landscaping Techniques

Living in Caloosahatchee, FL, virtually assures that large storms will attack your home. This can pose big risks to your safety and to the structure of your home. While there are safeguards you can place inside your home to reduce the risk of floods, there are also landscaping techniques you can use to ward off outside flooding and protect your property.

Put in a Rain Garden

Sometimes you don’t need to redirect water to fend off outside flooding after a significant storm. Rain gardens allow water to pool and eventually settle back in the ground. Here are a few tips for installing one:

  • Put in place with high wet-soil tolerance in the middle.
  • Use native plants that require little additional watering.
  • Make them between 50 and 100 square feet in size.

Try Heavy Mulch

Mulch not only beautifies your yard, but it can also come in handy after a large rainstorm. If you don’t use the right kind, excess water will only spread them around and create a mess. Heavy mulch won’t easily float away with the rain. Instead, it will help soak up the water and prevent flooding.

Try Swales

These landscape depressions are excellent rain drainage options that send water away from your home and out of your yard. Slope your yard toward a drain with this technique, placing rocks at the lowest point. This won’t stop the water, but it will get it to a safer place.

Be Creative With Rain Spouts

A professional landscaper may have some ideas for you in this area. Instead of placing rain spouts from your roof into areas where water will accumulate, use them to divert water to lower ground.

You can’t stop the rain, but you can control outside flooding. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use your own landscaping with these techniques.

The Requirements of Cleaning Sewage From a Building

7/22/2021 (Permalink)

Toilet overflow Toilet overflow in North Fort Myers, FL

Even in the best-run businesses, mishaps occur with the plumbing system. Pipes break and sinks get clogged, causing water and sewage to back up into the building. The protocols for sewage cleaning are very specific and require specialized knowledge and training. Finding the right company in North Fort Myers, FL, is absolutely critical. This will protect your property, your company, and your employees from the dangerous effects of contaminated water. Workers from a water damage remediation team will come equipped with personal protective gear and advanced equipment to clean up the mess. They will have the experience and the training to handle any situation.

Handling a Toilet Overflow

Most commercial companies have several restrooms spread throughout a building. Some could be for customers and some could be designated for employees. When a toilet backs up, professional sewage cleaning is required. SERVPRO technicians will follow a proven process that has been developed over a 50-year period. The following steps are utilized in an emergency:

  • Inspection and assessment
  • Water removal and cleanup
  • Cleaning and disinfecting
  • Restoration

The job is done to the highest industry standards. This ensures the facility is safe again and free from harmful germs. It also makes sure areas are dried and dehumidified with professional equipment. This prevents further damage such as the growth of mold. It also prevents the recurrence of odors.

Addressing Other Issues
Whether it is a clogged pipe, a broken sewer line, or some other issue, it is best to rely on trained and certified workers to remedy the problem. Sewage cleaning is just one of many disasters SERVPRO franchises are trained to deal with. They are a big help in the aftermath of fires and floods and can handle problems large and small. They use proven methods to assess the scope of a problem. From there, they come up with a plan of action to restore a company to its original condition.

Preventative Steps for Mold Growth

7/19/2021 (Permalink)

ceiling tile stained with water and mold growth Ceiling tile damaged by mold growth.

Keep Mold At Bay

It doesn’t take Florida for humidity to be a threat. When high levels of moisture appear in your business in Burnt Store, FL, mold may soon follow, creating a myriad of problems that can disrupt business and affect health. Fortunately, the best line of defense against mold growth is mold prevention. Here are three steps to keep mold at bay:

1. Know the Causes

Mold spores are a natural occurrence and can be found in most places both outdoors and inside. For the latter of these locations, limiting the opportunity for growth is what can prevent green (and hopefully not black!) décor appearing on your ceilings and walls. Mold requires just four ingredients to thrive:

  • Darkness: piping, insulation, cabinets, subflooring, etc.
  • Moisture: condensation from high humidity, water damage
  • Organic nutrients: dust, dirt, spillage of food or drink
  • A surface to grow on

Identifying places within your business that host these four ingredients can play a major role in your mold prevention.

2. Know the Spots

Most are familiar with the spotty appearance of mold growth. However, before that aesthetic takes over your business, familiarize yourself with the common locations mold can thrive:

• Ceiling tile: Especially those located near the HVAC system, the porous material is easily susceptible to moisture and dirt.

• Carpeting: Spills, leaks and flooding make the carpet as well as the pad and subfloor beneath it a thriving spot for mold.

• HVAC system: The draining pans for accumulated condensation can malfunction, creating an environment of moisture and darkness just right for mold.

• Ductwork: The high levels of moisture during the cooling season can condense and leave ample opportunity for mold. Damaged insulation may have a similar effect.

Regular checks of the HVAC system are vital for mold prevention, as well as maintaining a clean space clear of dust and dampness.

3. Know the Pros

Professionals in the cleanup and restoration business provide the knowledge, skill and equipment for a thorough inspection and cleaning of your business. Have contact information for a company in Burnt Store, FL, that can help your business keep mold microscopic.

The Answer to Fire Damage Incidents in Cape Coral

7/2/2021 (Permalink)

Walls covered with soot Cape Coral smoke damage.

SERVPRO Offers Expertly Trained Fire Damage Restoration

Challenges that result from fire damage are tricky in most cases. Putting off the fire and cleaning the soot is not enough, as a result, conducting a further inspection is mandatory to determine the level of the damage and what is restorable. A simple mistake can lead to permanent damage to what was salvageable in the first place. When in Cape Coral, take the right measures to avoid costly mistakes that are avoidable.

There are industry standards that our SERVPRO technicians meet when addressing fire damage incidents in Cape Coral. The team goes to IICRC-Approved training and uses specialized equipment to mitigate the loss. We know that time counts during the restoration, and in the long run, it lowers the claim costs. With that in mind, always inform your preferred restoration service provider in time and offer any useful information where necessary.

After a fire, cleaning the contents and the structure as a whole is part of the restoration services. Different types of fire damage require different cleaning methods, and it is the work of our SERVPRO technicians to pretest and settle on the most appropriate way of cleaning. The initial cleaning can be enough for some situations, while in others, we may advise you to do some refinishing and repainting.

After cleaning the various areas and contents, it is time to conduct deodorization. The process aims at getting rid of the unpleasant odors that are left behind after a fire. In most cases, identifying the sources of these smells is a difficult task since some of them may be coming from hard-to-access areas like cracks. We have the right tools that spray deodorants into those spaces and neutralize the odor sources.

When it is not possible to conduct the restoration when your contents are still in place, we may recommend a move-out. Such is necessary when our SERVPRO team analyzes the situation and finds out the materials can accrue more loss if we do not relocate them to another area. During the move-out, it is our job to do the inventory together with any detailed cleaning and deodorization.

What To Do When There is Water Leaking From a Light Fixture

6/30/2021 (Permalink)

water coming out a light fixture Water in light fixtures can be fixed.

Why Is Water Dripping From My Light Fixture?

Water damage can happen to any homeowner. Common reasons for water damage in Pineland, FL, include the following problems:

  • Aging structure
  • Harsh weather
  • Faulty pipes

Despite the reason, it’s important to note how easily water can enter your home. Sometimes, leakage can affect electrical appliances. Water in light fixtures can be dangerous and must be addressed immediately. Read more to learn what to look for and what to do when it happens.

What Does Water Leaking From a Light Look Like?
Ceiling damage is one of the easiest ways water can enter light fixtures. If you notice water pooling near a lightbulb or panel, this might be one of your first signs of a serious problem. Water is a conductor of electricity, and when it is in contact with electricity, it can harm people and create electrical fires.

What Do I Do When it Happens?
The first step of action that you can take is to turn off the electricity in that area of your home. This will protect you from being electrocuted when in contact with the water in the future. Be sure to directly turn off the circuit, not just the light switch. This will prevent any electricity from running through your home and causing any problems.
After you have successfully turned off the power, soak up the water with towels. If there is still water in light fixtures, remove the cover of the light bulb or panel and drain away from the water. Inspect the ceiling around the fixture and look for any pooling water. You may have to cut away the ceiling to drain the water.
The most important thing to do is contact a professional to help you address the problem and make sure that all the water has been successfully removed. Consult with an electrician before turning the power back on.
Water in light fixtures can be fixed. By addressing the problem calmly, you can prevent any further damage and get the help that you need.

Removing the Smell of Tobacco Smoke From Your Home

6/30/2021 (Permalink)

Ozone generator An ozone generator eliminates odor by oxidizing the air.

Can Cigarette Smoke Smell Be Removed From A House

The smell of cigarette smoke can permeate a home and give it a stale smell. Maybe you have chosen the new year to kick a bad habit, or maybe you just purchased a home that was previously owned by smokers. Regardless of the reason behind your cigarette removal need, home deodorization is high on your list of priorities.

This odor can be difficult to remove. This is because cigarettes leave behind

  • Toxic and irritating gases
  • Tar vapors
  • Smoke residue

Cigarettes produce toxic and irritating gases such as phenol, ammonia gases and carbon monoxide. They also release tar vapors that become sticky. These vapors, residues and gases are able to travel everywhere.

Ozone, or O3, is one of the few home deodorization techniques that actually work to combat this. That is because an ozone generator eliminates odor by oxidizing the air. The oxidized air is circulated through the air just as smoke is and so is able to get to all the places cigarette smoke does, effectively getting rid of the smelly residue.

If you have a smelly home, you can hire professionals in Flamingo Bay, FL, that can help you identify the source and eliminate the problem. Many odors can be removed without a trace. Although cigarette smoke is one of the most offensive and prevalent odors, it is not the only one. Home deodorization can also include pet odors, spill odors and other foul smells.

Oxidization is just one of many ways specialists might remove offensive smells. Sometimes special equipment and treatments are necessary to clean air ducts, carpets, upholstery and hard surfaces.

If cigarette smoke is the culprit, all of these surfaces and areas must be deodorized for your home to smell fresh and clean again. If you are feeling overwhelmed, you might benefit from an odor specialist in Flamingo Bay, FL.

Preparing Your Business for a Flood: 3 Tips

6/30/2021 (Permalink)

Green external hard drive It is important to make data backup a high priority.

How Can A Business Prepare For A Flood

When flooding affects Burnt Store, FL, your business may be at risk. If floodwaters are powerful enough, they can force their way into your building and cause damage to floors, walls and your inventory. However, if you know that a flood is imminent, there are a few ways you can protect your business and minimize the destruction that a natural disaster like this might cause.

1. Make Backup Copies of Important Data

If you know your building might suffer storm damage, it is important to make data backup a high priority. Shipping records, customer data and inventory records may not be retrievable if your computer system is damaged by water, so having multiple files of this information can save you time and money in the aftermath of the flood. Consider cloud storage for real-time data retrieval.

2. Rent a Sump Pump

If your building sits on low ground and your basement or crawl space is prone to flooding, then you may want to invest in a sump pump. This machine, which is often used by flood damage and restoration service technicians, drains away excess water from the area where it located. Portable and underwater pumps can reduce the amount of standing you might encounter after the flood.

3. Do Not Hesitate To Act

Flood damage can happen quickly, especially in the case of flash floods. If you suspect this might happen, evacuate your business quickly and ensure that customers and employees are safe. Heavy rains can cause this type of flood, so it is wise to be vigilant and watch your local weather to be aware of any watches or warnings. If you realize a flood is imminent, shut down vital systems and try to seal off doors and windows after the building is empty.

When flooding impacts Burnt Store, FL, you may be concerned about the best way to protect your business. However, knowing how to take action and prepare yourself for a flood can reduce the damage and give you peace of mind both before and after the event.

Expect Your Fire Restoration Company To Complete These Steps

5/25/2021 (Permalink)

wooden structure of ceiling burned, insulation from ceiling coming out. Fire damage in a warehouse Fire damage in a warehouse in North Fort Myers, FL.

Fire Damage Restoration Process

Fire damage restoration is crucial to bringing your North Fort Myers, FL, business back to normal after a terrifying blaze. The process is most successful when a qualified and experienced commercial restoration team handles the job. While some companies have their own methods, they must all follow the basic steps.

1. Inspection
After a speedy arrival, the restoration experts will carefully inspect the aftermath of the commercial fire. They need information on the origins of the fire and the extent of the property damage. Once they gather what they need, they can create a plan of action, as well as estimates for expenses and completion time.

2. Damage Mitigation
Before the actual fire damage restoration begins, the technicians need to stop the existing damage from escalating. A fire can destabilize the rest of the building and create holes that invite intruders and water leaks. These events can set back the recovery and make it longer and more expensive. Damage mitigation prevents them by using tarp and boards to cover these entrances.

3. Cleanup
Fires usually leave some residue behind, so now it is time for the dust, soot and smoke cleanup. The professionals will start by removing all the materials that are too irreparably damaged and will just obstruct and delay the restoration. Afterward, they will use cleaning products on anything that can still be salvaged. They will also eliminate any strong odors and make the building more pleasant for your staff and clients.

4. Repair and Renovation
Now that the property is mostly clean, the team will repair and replace damaged materials such as wallpaper, carpet and furniture. They fix or change the items depending on the impact of the damage and the costs. The best companies in the area will not only restore the building but will also renovate it. They will leave your business in a stronger shape than before the fire.
While the fire damage restoration process varies between companies, they should also share crucial steps. Ensure these elements are present to guarantee an effective recovery.

4 Essential Things To Put in Your Building's First Aid Kit

5/25/2021 (Permalink)

Kit supplies Important items to put in your kit.

4 Essential Things To Put in Your Building's First Aid Kit

If your Bokeelia, FL, building ever experiences a hurricane or any other storm, you'll want to be ready. Other than preparing for the storm damage restoration process, this entails making a fully equipped kit for first aid. If you're unsure about how to do this, here are four essential things to put in your building's first aid kit.

1. Tools and Equipment
Some of the most important items to put in your kit are tools and equipment. These allow you, or, preferably, a nearby medical professional, to perform more intense forms of first aid. Here are some things to gather:

  • Tweezers
  • Resuscitation equipment
  • Scissors
  • A splint
  • Two elastic wraps
  • Medical tape

If no one in your building has training for using these tools, you may want to get it yourself. In case of cold or shock, you'll also want to get a blanket or two for the emergency kit.

2. Bandages and Pads
No matter what happened, it's likely that bandages and pads will be needed. When getting these items, remember that you'll need more than one kind. Get large gauze pads, regular gauze pads, a gauze roller bandage and band-aids.

3. Sanitary Supplies
Finally (in terms of supplies), you'll need to get sanitary items for your first aid kit. Start by getting an agent or two for cleaning wounds. Possible options are moistened towelettes and hydrogen peroxide. You should also procure some latex gloves.

4. Directions
Even if you had first aid training, you may not be available to help. Therefore, it's important to get detailed instructions to put in each kit. In order to ensure accuracy, try to find instructions from reputable sources. If you got any extra items for your kit, make sure to find instructions for those as well.
When making a first aid kit, it's vital to procure every necessary item. Do your research and make the best kits possible.